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Off-Grid Solar Systems

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Off-Grid Solar Installations


Our off-grid solar systems also known as stand alone solar systems allow your home or business to operate self sufficiently with no connection to the grid network. These systems will enable your home to have electricity 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to run all appliances, including air-conditioner units and equipment with large electrical draw. This means no electricity bills, no dependence on energy suppliers and hassle free power services without the lifestyle compromise.


We have small, medium or large off-grid solutions for every need, we use quality brands and products to ensure you get the most out of your system. Our qualified solar designer will custom design and orientate the off-grid system in a way to maximise efficiency.

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Off-grid solar power is more reliable and less expensive than you think.

What are the benefits of an off-grid solar system?

There are many advantages to having an off-grid or stand alone solar system for your home or office.

Flexibility to live just about anywhere

Avoid power outages

Great for the environment

Live a self sustaining lifestyle

Declining price of solar and batteries making it more affordable

How does an off-grid solar system work?

Solar panels capture energy from the sun, the charge controller then charges the batteries with this energy. The batteries store electricity to provide power to the house as needed, even when the sun isn't shinning. The inverter takes the stored DC (Direct Current) electricity and converts it to AC (Alternating Current) electricity. This AC electricity supplies electricity throughout the home. If there is a backup generator attached to the off-grid system (optional) the generator will kick in and provide power to the home when battery storage levels have been depleted.

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We provide reliable and quality off-grid solar systems tailored to your needs.

Auswire Electrical & Air 


Located in Strathpine, Brisbane Northside we service the Moreton Bay Region, The Samford Valley and Greater Brisbane.

We provide servicing, maintenance and installation of a large range of electrical, air-conditioning and solar services tailored to your needs. No job is too big or too small, call a member of our team today.

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