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Split System Air-conditioning

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Split System Air-conditioning Installations, Servicing and Repairs


Auswire Electrical & Air are your specialists in air-conditioning, we provide services for installation, servicing and repairs. We install a large range of air-conditioner brands, whether it be quality or affordability we have something to suit everyone.

When investigating or fault finding your air-conditioner unit you can take comfort in knowing that we will only recommend replacement options when other avenues are exhausted and it becomes more affordable to do so.

Split system air-conditioner filters should be cleaned every 3 months but professionally cleaned and serviced annually.

What is a split system air-conditioner?

Split system air conditioners are made up of two elements, an indoor unit and an outdoor unit (compressor). The most common type of split system air-conditioner is a reverse cycle, this allows the unit to run heating and cooling. There are various sizing of split system air-conditioners starting from 1.7kw up to 9.3kw, the size of unit that will be suitable depends on the size of the room, height of ceiling, insulation type and whether it is an open space or closed space. The larger the unit size the more expensive the unit is to purchase and install, larger units often require their own dedicated power circuit in order not to overload existing power circuits. Auswire Electrical & Air will assist you in picking the right air-conditioner unit for your home.


A split system air-conditioner can be an affordable choice to cool or heat your home when ducted air-conditioning is out of the budget or you just want one or two rooms cooled. Split system air conditioning also allows you to add air conditioner units to one room at a time as opposed to outlaying a large investment on a ducted air-conditioning unit in one payment.


Types of split system air-conditioning services

Auswire Electrical & Air provide two types of services depenant on your needs, we recommend your air-conditioner units be serviced annually in order for them to perform at their best


General Clean & Service

A general service includes an air filter, air vent and condenser coil clean. The air-conditioner refrigerant levels are checked to ensure your system is operating efficiently. Electrical wiring, ducting and all connections are inspected as well as the drain and drain pan for leaks or blockages. We ensure your air-conditioner is operating at its maximum potential

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Hydro Clean & Service

A hydro clean & service includes all of the services mentioned in general clean & service, however, it also includes a pressure wash of the indoor unit. This is needed if your unit may be suffering from a build up of mould or the air-conditioner is starting to smell when operating.

North Brisbane Electricians that you can Trust.

Auswire Electrical & Air 


Located in Strathpine, Brisbane Northside we service the Moreton Bay Region, The Samford Valley and Greater Brisbane.

We provide servicing, maintenance and installation of a large range of electrical, air-conditioning and solar services tailored to your needs. No job is too big or too small, call a member of our team today.

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